“Are human  beings to be viewed as part of nature, and therefore as a legitimate element of any ecosystem to which they choose to attach themselves? Or are they, because of their inherent selfishness, hubristic sense of superiority and unrivalled capacity for manipulation, an inevitably alien and malevolent ingredient in ecosystems that have evolved in their absence? Or is it simply that human kind has failed thus far to exercise its intelligence and technologies to ensure that natural resources are used sustainably and other species not sacrificed unnecessarily to human greed?”

This was written by Alfred Crosby and was found in the book The Penguin History of New Zealand by Michael King. I recommend reading this book alongside Ka Whawhai Tonu Matou, Struggle Without End by Ranginui Walker in order to gain a true perspective of New Zealands history rather than the biased rubbish our parents and grandparents were taught and have taught us.