The styles in Peru of the Choiltas and Solitarios are incredible. Most men wear a varation of this hat but I really love the way they use the buttons on some of them. Also everyone carries things on their backs like this, usually in beautifully colored blankets… so simple,so functional and it looks so cozey for the children.

Most of what we eat today is genetically modified and the seeds from these fruit and vegetables either don’t reproduce or do so with deformities.Therefore, Coloro, a semi-famous permaculturist in Chile has dedicated his life to saving organic seeds for the future and I’ve been lucky enough to have him as my teacher.

This is where I’ve been living for the last 3 months. Situated between 2 coastal cities in Chile, Blowing in the Wind is an eco community full of interesting, everyday Chileans and great ideas. The houses are constructed out of mud, the gardens are full of vegetables and everynight there’s  good time to be had with vegetarian BBQ’s, live music, and homemade wine and beer. “The answer my friend is blowing in the wind” 

I found this piece in the Tlaquepaque markets of Guadalajara in Mexico. It´s a lace table cloth made from the Agave cactus which is the same cactus that they use to make tequila. The lace was surprisingly stiff and strong and the image is of the Mayan calander which alot of people in Mexico are talking about at the moment as the depicted date for the end of the world is near…

I especially love how the product is just displayed on a tree. For some reason you would never get away with this in most other countries. People just wouldn´t take you seriously.

Driving through the desert in Baja California, somewhere between Conejo and Todos Santos I came across this disaster. I suppose they grow tomatoes in the hot houses that you can see in the background. Who knows how they created so much waste but the sight that you can see covered atleast 20 acres. It´s in the desert. No one´s around.

So they manage to get away with it…