Patagonia has partnered with eco-friendly biomaterial firm Yulex to create the first plant-based wetsuit. The natural rubber is made from the guayule plant and uses water as a solvent where ”Traditional rubber plants and synthetic rubber production both use environmentally harmful solvents and create a vast amount of non-biodegradable byproducts”. They’re now sharing their findings with all of the other major wetsuit producers in the hopes of having the largest environmental impact.

Swimwear collection by AURIA

Prints designed by Margot Bowman

Textile by ECONYL

Created in 2011 the regenerated nylon6 yarn uses post consumer waste such as fishing nets and carpets and has blown my previous acceptance of needing man made fibers for the sake of sportswear completely out of the water. Brilliant!

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These under water sculpture gardens in Cancun, Mexico are designed to restore and sustain the coral reef growth and bio-diversity of the area. Made from a special concrete that’s PH neutral and anti-corrosive. A perfect art project by Jason deCaires Taylor

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