These photos depict Selknam men in the amazing costumes they used in male initiation ceremonies. In one ceremony young males were called to a dark hut. There they would be attacked by “spirits”. As children they were taught to fear these spirits and were threatened by them in case they misbehaved. Young men they still did not know that these spirits were not real, and they were to go to them and unmask them. After finding that they were actually human beings, they were then told a story of world creation and took part in further ceremonies showing their strength in front of women by theatrically fighting spirits (who the women did not know were other men). Each spirit had its typical actions, words and typical outside looks. Therefore Selk’nam were perhaps the only Amerindian nation to have a theater tradition.

The Selknam or Onas lived on the largest island of Tierra Del Fuego in the most southern regions of South America. They lived nomadically in these harsh conditions and despite the freezing cold the men hunted almost naked.  The Spaniards showed up late in the 19th century and established large sheep farms, thus depriving the natives of their ancestral hunting areas. The Selknam confusing the sheep for wild game and with no understanding of land ownership hunted the cattle and in return were hunted themselves. From a population of 3000 in 1896 only 279 remained by 1919 and the last ethnic Selknam died in the mid 20th century.


The styles in Peru of the Choiltas and Solitarios are incredible. Most men wear a varation of this hat but I really love the way they use the buttons on some of them. Also everyone carries things on their backs like this, usually in beautifully colored blankets… so simple,so functional and it looks so cozey for the children.

Farming Rubbish

This is an urban farm in Ensenada, Mexico. It’s the smelliest part that I have to walk through on the way to the beach. I’m used to 1 cow per acre, here they have 20 horses, 6 cows, a few chickens and probably a large family all sharing 2 acres. You can see some of the rubbish that is evenly spread over the whole of mexico but you can also see the amazingly constructed fence made with branches. This sight encourages me to continue fighting for environmental awareness. If our packaging was made of biodegradable materials there would be no problems with the amount of rubbish littering the ground here and it could even add some nutrients back into the soil. Also I see room for improvement with the treatment of land here, as people are so conscious of getting the most out of the materials they use.

Colorado River

After talking to a lot of locals there seems to be a general concern for the water level of the Colorado River. This photo was taken from the Hoover Dam and you can clearly see the changes that have occurred over the last 10 years due to too many people leeching from the river. At least people are aware…

In Las Vegas people are given more of an incentive to have a desert friendly lawn as any green trees that you see in the city has irrigation running to it. The desert is much more beautiful than all of the lights of the city.